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We always have clients asking where to find the types of products we.  We know how long it can take to find what you need, we've been there, and then you end up ordering the wrong thing; it's so frustrating.. until now:-)  We have taken the frustration out of by sourcing some of the products you might find useful at the best prices.  These will be added to according to demand.  When purchasing remember we recommend an 8ft band and a 90cm foam roller. 


If there are any products you'd like to use and are not sure which ones might be most effective then let us know, we'll have a look and add them here.  Though we earn a small commission for the sale of goods you will get them at the same price as advertised on Amazon.  By the way, we only get the commission if you buy directly from clicking the button on this page so please do.  Payment is via Amazon and returns, refunds and reviews should be directly via Amazon.  All prices correct at the time of adding to this site (see any price changes/post and packaging via the link) and feel free to let us know if anything changes. 

yoga band 2.jpg

£8.99 + Free Delivery

UK and Ireland

yoga mat 2.jpg

£18.99 + Free Delivery UK and Ireland


Sportneer Adjustable Ankle Weights Set, Ankle Wrist Weight Straps, 0.23Kg-1.6Kg for Per Ankle, 0.45Kg to 3.15Kg for a Pair, 2 Pack

£15.99 (on 16/9/20 10:48am)


Pea Protein Isolate Powder K-Nutrition (1kg) for adding to your blends



90cm Foam Roller £24.99

ball 1.jpg

Swiss Ball  £11.99 - £14.99

Please be aware you may need your own pump as a client has reported at first the pump was not provided then one provided is not working as it should. Send the pump back if it does not work or use your own.  The ball alone is good value if you have a pump at home.

ankle weights 2.jpg

Vailge Ankle Weights Adjustable Leg Weights for Fitness Jogging Walking Exercise, Ankle Weights Women men, Wrist and Ankle Weights

£10.69-£19.89 (on 16/9/20 10:44am)


Logitech HD C922 Pro Stream Webcam, 1080p Camera Streaming Webcam, Records Streams Your Gaming Sessions in Rich HD Streaming, Background Replacement Tripod Included £149.90


Yoga Mat £13.97

super blend.jpg

Paperback by Jason Vale £10.55 at time of this post.  Fab recipes for your detox or weight management programme.

Ball 2.jpg

Mode33 Exercise Ball - 55 to 85cm Extra Thick Anti-Burst Yoga Ball with Hand Pump - Gym Ball for Fitness, Pilates, Pregnancy, Labour, Birthing Ball, Swiss... £11.95-15.95

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