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Choisissez votre formule

  • Multi Pilates x12

    For Level 2 and/or intermediate 1 x per week for 12 weeks
    Valable 3 mois
    • Price reduced from £15 to £10 per class
    • Small group classes
    • Use your classes over 3 months or longer
    • You will never lose a class credit
    • Book your class ahead and reschedule as required
    • Live online classes with live correction and instruction
    • Workout at home without infection risk
    • Workout at home whether isolating or not
    • We value your business and will listen to feedback
    • If you're away let us know and we'll extend the end date
  • Multilevel Pilates

    Valable 3 mois
    • Access to 24 Level 2/Intermediate Pilates Classes
    • Use classes over 3 month duration
    • Reschedule/book and cancel up to 5 minutes before start time
    • Live online small group sessions
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