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All our members who have purchased plans will benefit from monthly offers such as increased class credits, offers to try classes outside their plans and offers on services.  We want our members to be able to make the most of their membership to benefit their health and well-being.

Beginners Pilates - Learn how to start lengthening and strengthening muscles and rebalancing the body from the inside out applying the Principles of Pilates.  For anyone who has never done Pilates before, has never learned the basics or who feels they need a refresher with a qualified professional. 


Progression depends on how well and quickly you learn the principles and can apply them and how soon your body adapts.  Participants with a background in activites such as gymnastics, dance and martial arts tend to progress very quickly whereas those with a limited physical activity background usually need longer to strengthen the muscles and progress to level 2. 


Individual class prices are reduced by up to 50% when purchased as part of a plan; if you progress quicker than the length of your plan we will change your plan to a more advanced level.  Some participants with medical complaints or past injuries may prefer to stay in Beginners or Level 2 to prevent aggravating their problems once they have had an assessment and course of Back Care Pilates or Rehabilitation 1 to 1 sessions. 

Level 2 Pilates - For people who have done Beginners Pilates before here or elsewhere, who understand the Principles and who can apply them to the exercises.  We know from years of experience that some people have been to hybrid or mixed level classes and have not had training from the beginning.  It is very clear when they start to perform the exercises that they are not able to apply the principles.  We recommend, if you are not a dancer, gymnast or martial artist, and have only been to hybrid or mixed level classes you start from the beginning.

Intermediate Pilates - For people with a good level of knowledge of Pilates Principles and who can apply them to the exercises with ease and perform the exercises with good technique. 

Back Care Pilates - For people with Back Pain that comes and goes.  The more general Pilates classes above may not be appropriate because we need to know the source of the back pain to provide the right exercises and we can only know that by completing a more thorough assessment of your past medical, imaging and physical history.  You can book 1 to 1 classes or a course and your first session should always be the assessment.  Even a beginners Pilates class may have exercises that do not suit your particular back problem so to make sure the exercises are safe for you we strongly advise the assessment first.

The Integrated Back Care Method - This is an intensive course to reduce back pain for people with more persistant back problems.  For people whose back pain has affected their lives and jobs and who have tried many different methods to manage their back problems but these methods have only worked short term or not at all.  This method includes multiple sessions per week with short coaching videos for you to watch and/or complete each week.  We only take on very few clients for this course and only if we feel you would benefit.  We will be honest if we feel this would not help and signpost you to where we feel you would be best advised to get help.  To discuss this service you will need to book a free pre-course coaching call to see if this service would be a good match for you.

Indoor Fitness Cycling - The ultimate in multi-level exercise for fitness and/or weight management.  A low impact exercise you can do without the constant impact on your joints that circuit or running incur.  This could be done as part of any fitness plan so that you can reduce the number of times you go for a run or do a circuit or high impact class but still reach or maintain your health and fitness goals.  For all levels, instructions are given to beginners to keep the workout gentle to begin with whereas more advanced participants can pedal at a level that challenges them; for these participants Indoor Fitness Cycling can be one of their toughest workouts of the week.

We recommended a good quality Indoor Fitness Class Bike for this class.  If you don't have one and would like advice let us know and we'll give you our best tips.  Please don't buy one without advice if you're not sure.. I'm sure the world is full of home fitness bikes that really aren't fit for purpose and are stuck gathering dust in your garages!

Weight Management Exercise Classes - Upper Body Focus (UBF) and Legs, Bums and Tums (LBT).  Also included Indoor Fitness Cycling.  Participants who want to maintain or lose weight.  These classes are low impact (no jumping up and down) and suitable for all levels.  UBF and LBT classes include gentle warm up, pulse raiser and standing and lying exercises to increase calorie burn, strengthen and tone problem areas.  You work at your own level with alternatives given for particpants who need easier or harder levels.  Effective performed as part of a whole healthy lifestyle and activity change.  If you need 1 to 1 support we would be happy to discuss this.

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) - While we screen everyone at the beginning of a class we strongly advise that everyone completes the PAR-Q when they book a class or plan.  We will send this once you have booked your Plan or Class or straight away when you sign up if you prefer.

Assessments - We have a basic and more advanced assessment available.  For the Back Care Pilates and Specialist courses the more advanced assessment is included.  You can book these seperately if you would like advice on which services would be best for you or if you know you will need adaptations to your exercise routine.   The Advanced Assessment includes Past Medical History and Imaging Reports (e.g. MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray) reviews need for the development and implementation of a holistic client centred plan that is specific for you and your problem.  The plan takes into consideration your whole physical and  health history and what could aggravate, ease and ultimately resolve your problem.  Remember it isn't enough for your healthcare professional to say "do Pilates" or "get some exercise" to join an exercise programme.  Your class teacher also needs to know what will and will not aggravate any problems you have so that they can advise you.  So.. for your safety will strongly advise an assessment for people who have existing phyiscal or medical issues.

Book A Call - Free.  This is for The Integrated Back Care Method, Back Care Courses or other Specialist services.  We don't want you to book and then find out it's not for you.  So if you're not sure book a free call, we will send the audio link, you click the link at the time of the call and you will be sent (as if by magic) to the audio meeting.

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